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 We have 4 male Westie Puppies Available!


We are a small home kennel with lots of love and care for our animals. All of our dogs and puppies live in our home. Our dogs are our furry Children. We have West Highland White Terrier’s. Mi-Ki puppies will come with a AMRA (American Mi-ki Registry Association) We sell Pet Quality with a spray/Neuter contract. My dog kennel is licensed. We do welcome you to come and visit us at anytime. We are here for you. We do little bit of all these breeds not a lot of any one breed.

My Little Puppy Paws

All of our puppies are health vet checked with a one year health guarantee (for the original owner). We take a lot of pride with the quality and care we give to them. We use natural products such as Brewer Yeast for Fleas & Ticks and we feed our dogs and puppies the very best dog food, it’s grain free and has no fillers in it.. We also use Skin So Soft for dogs as a preventive on heart worms. Skin So Soft works on humans to keep mosquito’s off of our body, and it works for dogs too. It’s not good to put chemicals in our body. nor is it good to put chemicals in dogs and puppies. I do natural products for I want to give my dogs and puppies the best quality of life as possible. Raising dogs and puppies is a lot of responsibility, with what they give back to me is well worth the work and time. My dogs and puppies is what makes my day good. They Always give love and do funny things to make me laugh. my dogs help keep me smiling.

We breed a Rare Breed called Mi-ki’s and AKC Westie’s. We fell in love with theses breeds for they are non-shedding, great for people with allergies. We love these breeds also for they are small and are a good addition to any family, especially for family’s with children. We have a lot of love for our adult dogs and puppies. We strive to have quality, healthy, very socialized and very good sound puppies. We care about the family’s that buy our puppies as much as we care for our puppies.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We like to see pictures and hear from you on how our babies are doing with your family. We stand behind every dog and puppy we sell. Our babies are precious to us. We would like to thank-you for visiting our website and a special thank-you to the family’s that have given our puppies a loving home.

Hope you have enjoyed our website!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mike and Cindy

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