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Mike and I live outside of Gobles, Michigan on 3 1/2 acres. Gobles is 20 minutes west of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mike and I met in a small town called New Carlisle, Indiana where I am from.

About Us

In 2003, Me and a friend name Sue had a small kennel together. We were raising Bichon Frise, Havanese, Coton de Tulear. We fell in love with theses breeds because they were all Non-shedding, low in dander for people with allergies, great with children and had good temperament to be a great family pet. We wanted to focus on dogs that were good in all aspects for family’s with children and were good for small homes and apartment living.

In 2005 I moved up to Gobles, Michigan to be with Mike. We have 6 children grown-up and 6 grandchildren. I brought my two Coton de Tulear females and two Bichon Friese females with me. Mike and I decided we want to start a small dog kennel. We wanted to focus on breeds that were children friendly, good for people that has allergies and important was non-shedding so family’s could spend most of their time with the puppy .(instead of cleaning up dog hair)

After I had my first litter of puppies I enjoyed nurturing, loving and caring and watching them grow was amazing to me.I enjoyed all the wonderful loving family’s that I had gotten to meet doing this. I knew then this was what I wanted to do. Mike then bought me some Westie’s and recently got a Yorkshire Terrier Colors of Chocolate, Parti, Gold, Black and Tan and fell in Love with a rare breed called Mi-ki’s have been very successful ever since I moved to Michigan.

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