About MiKi’s

The Mi-ki (Me-key) is a sweet, affectionate and calm breed, their activity level is low to moderate. Mi-ki’s is an intelligent breed that are extremely social. They also have a cat like tendencies, they climb and pounce on and chases or swats at their toys or siblings (other puppies). They are also very adaptable to different life styles, from huge yard homes to small apartments in the cities. They would be just fine with a small yard, as long as they can get short walks and have a a sunny window to just perch in. These little ones are easy to train and house break. In general the Mi-ki’s bark very sporadically but they will alert you when company is at the door. The Mi-Ki is not aggressive but its also not intimidated by other dogs. They are great friendly dogs, they get along with children and the elderly. They are often used as Therapy or Service dogs. They are great traveling companions either by car or plane.

Mi-ki’s come in a variety of gorgeous colors, there are two different types of coat for this breed, Long coat and Short coat.

A Mi-ki’s coat is very easy to maintain with weekly combing to remove dead hair. You can also have them get the puppy cut if you prefer the look.

Mi-ki’s average 4 to 8 pounds

My current Female has Champion Bloodlines

Mi-kis are a wonderful little breed and will give you years of unconditional Love. Make one yours today.

A lot more information pertaining to Mi-Ki’s (such as common weights, traits, info about grooming etc) can be found here: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/miki.htm