Puppy Formula Recipe

Puppy Formula Recipe from Myra Harris

Can be used at any age from premature newborn to elderly adult. Best formula for your puppies and well worth the extra time it takes to prepare it.
Boil one large piece of liver in one cup of water. Strain the liquid and put aside. Discard liver or feed to mom. (You can substitute another type of beef of any kind (not fatty ground beef) but liver is best. You are after the amino acids in the beef.)
10 oz can of condensed goat’s milk (if necessary you can sub with evaporated, condensed cow’s milk but do not dilute either goats or cows) You can find this where you get other canned milk.
1/3 cup of strained liver water (you can substitute with freshly made beef broth)
2 raw egg yolks
1 T mayonnaise or canola oil, your choice
1 cup whole fat yogurt, best quality and freshest possible
1 tsp Karo syrup (either light or dark)
1 dropper of baby vitamins (any drug store)
This can be used as is for tube feeding or bottle feeding and can be used from birth (including VERY premature puppies) to old age on any dog. You can start them on this formula from birth and you don’t need to dilute it.
It contains 10-12 calories per cc
Freeze in ice cube trays and the cubes can be stored in a plastic freezer bag for six months. When you are ready for a feeding, simply thaw the cubes as needed. This formula will prevent the formation of juvenile cataracts that were associated with homemade formulas because of the addition of the beef juice which contains the important amino acid, Taurine.. It prevents diarrhea because of the yogurt and prevents constipation because of the Karo. It will stay fresh refrigerated for 7 days, and can be kept frozen for six months. Remember that you are after the calories, so choose the highest fat content that you can and don’t dilute the canned milk. You will love it. Puppies thrive on it, and will grow as quickly as litter mates.
Once the puppy will take a bottle, you can continue to feed this formula but you’ll need to strain it through a fine clean cloth like a handkerchief or something like that because it sometimes plugs the tiny holes in the nipple. I suspect it’s the yogurt or the little sack that contains the yolk of the egg. For tubing it isn’t a problem and won’t need straining.